Health & Beauty

We are committed to bringing you the variety and selection you demand to help you feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

In our healthcare area we offer what you need from antacids to vitamins. If you’re feeling under the weather, have a headache, are fighting allergies, need bandages for boo-boos, or want vitamins to keep you going strong – we have it all.

And if it’s the outside that needs attention we have everything from hair care to foot spray.

Being able to buy everything in one stop saves you time and gas so why not fill your bathroom cabinets at the same time you fill your pantry and freezer?

A partial list of brands you’ll find in the health and beauty care departments at your Country Mart*

A&D Ace Actifed Advil Afrin Airborne
Alavert Aleve Alka-Seltzer Anbesol Aquafresh Arrid
Aussie Aveeno Axe Balmex Ban Bayer
Ben-Gay Benadryl Benefiber Best Choice Bic Blistex
Bullfrog Caress Carmex Centrum Cepacol Chapstick
Chloraseptic Citrucel Claritin Clean & Clear Clear Eyes Coast
Colace Colgate Compound W Comtrex Contac Coppertone
Coricidin Cortaid Cover Girl Crest Curel Cutex
Degree Delsym Desenex Desitin Dial Dimetapp
Doans Dove Dramamine Dulcolax Edge Efferdent
Excedrin Fibercon Fixodent Fructis Gas X Gaviscon
Gillette Glide Gold Bond Halls Head & Shoulders Herbal Essence
Icy Hot Imodium Irish Spring Ivory Jergens Johnson & Johnson
Just 4 Men Keri Lactaid Lever 2000 Listerine Loreal
Lortrimin Lubriderm Ludens Maalox Maybelline Mennen
Metamucil Motrin Mucinex Murine Mylicon Nair
Nature Made Neosporin Neutrongena Nivea Noxema Nyquil
Olay Old Spice Orajel Oxy Pantene Pepcid
Pepto Bismol Pert Phazyme Polident Prilosec Quattro
Revlon Ricola Right Guard Robittusin Rolaids Schick
Secret Selsun Blue Senokot Sensodyne Scope Skintimate
Soft Soap Sominex St. Ives Stridex Suave Sucrets
Sudafed Sunsilk Sure Tag Tagamet Theraflu
Tinactin Tresseme Triaminic Tums Tylenol Unisom
V-05 Vaseline Vicks Visine Vive Zantac
Zest Zicam Zyrtec


*Your Country Mart Store may not stock all of these brands due to department size limitations.